YC2 | Young Community Changemakers

Young Community Changemakers (YC2) is a leadership development program designed to educate and empower local youth to become our community’s next generation of philanthropists–those who give their time, talent and treasure for the common good.

YC2 is a youth philanthropy program offered to juniors and seniors from Lyons Township High School and Nazareth Academy. Curricula encourages students to explore our local community and its social needs; learn about philanthropic theory; and engage in organizational evaluation and grantmaking. At the end of the program, students collectively award up to $15,000 to nonprofit organizations that further the mission and vision of Community Memorial Foundation.

YC2 students are currently seeking grant proposals for general operating support from Community Memorial Foundation grantee organizations. They have identified the following CMF funding priority for this grant opportunity: Increase health equity by reducing the health, social and economic barriers to optimal well-being and quality of life. Students are particularly interested in requests that reduce barriers at the intersectionality of language, cultural competence, and ability to pay. Any CMF grantee organization that addresses this priority is welcome to apply for funding. Grant applications are due to the Foundation by 5:00 PM on March 16, 2020.




Please contact Tom Fuechtmann or Beth Murin at 630.654.4729.


Community Memorial Foundation gratefully acknowledges the support of The Burjan Family in facilitating the YC2 program.

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