An Anniversary Update

We’re thinking INSIDE the box for our October 29th celebration Friends and Partners, 2020 has been a year like none other. Like you, the Foundation has needed to remain nimble in our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, while continuing to advance our mission of building a healthy region. For 25 years, the health and safety […]

Rock Star Resilience

July 2020 News 2020 Leadership Institute Culminates in Coaching and Special Anniversary Grant Opportunity Community Memorial Foundation recently offered our grantee partners a series of Leadership Institute workshops as part of an enhanced capacity building program for our 25th Anniversary. The workshops were facilitated by Fiscal Management Associates and were aimed at strengthening organizational sustainability. […]

Regional Rock Stars Walk the Talk of “We’re in this Together”

Illinois entered COVID-19 Phase Four of recovery two weeks ago, and businesses are opening as optimism rises. During these past five months, real acts of extreme kindness and an ongoing sense of community has prevailed. Throughout the west suburban region, we’ve found countless individuals who, in small ways and large, took action to care for […]

Regional Rock Stars Continue to Inspire Hope with Acts of Kindness

As the worldwide pandemic continues and new rules and regulations are implemented in the State of Illinois, what remains hopeful is kindness and good people. Throughout west suburban communities, many individuals and organizations are finding ways to provide care and happiness to others. This week, our Regional Rock stars are a veteran helping seniors, a […]

Regional Rock Stars Can Be Found in Nonprofits All Over the West Suburban Region

All across west suburban communities, we are finding organizations and individuals who are demonstrating acts of kindness and gratitude during COVID-19 and other worldwide initiatives. This week, we are featuring organizations who inspire hope throughout our communities—and helping to strengthen communities even in the most difficult of times. Each week, a group of west suburban […]

Regional Rock Stars Feel Compelled to Inspire Hope for All

How do we make good things happen? Look around, see the people making change and tell their stories. These people and organizations are Regional Rock Stars, and their acts of kindness and gratitude are inspiring hope throughout our communities—and helping to strengthen communities even in the most difficult of times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these […]

Together with the Community: A Message from the CEO and Chair of the Board

Together with the community and anchored by our vision of becoming the healthiest region in the country, Community Memorial Foundation is deeply committed to addressing the social determinants of health and investing in our community partners as they advance health equity. As such, we recognize that coming together to eliminate racial inequities is essential, and […]

Simple Acts of Kindness Keep People and Communities Connected

A worldwide pandemic will be remembered forever, written about in history books, leaving lasting effects. Some of those effects are kindness and gratitude … and a greater sense of community. A collaborative group of west suburban organizations recognizes everyday people who are making good things happen. These are Regional Rock Stars, individuals and organizations who […]

Stories about Hope are Told Because Ordinary People have Decided to Be Kind

Again this week, a collaborative group of west suburban organizations recognize more Regional Rock Stars. These are people in the region who are creatively and thoughtfully making change happen—from their own backyards to starting companies to their meaningful bedside manner. These acts of kindness are helping to inspire hope throughout our communities. They help to […]