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Community Memorial Foundation believes that leadership requires the capacity to turn vision into reality. That’s why we provide grantee board members and staff leadership with training in key areas of organizational development.

Strengthening Leaders, Strengthening Organizations

After soliciting feedback from grantee partners, the 2023 Leadership Institute will continue its focus on Leadership Development and Race Equity. Specifically, the Foundation will provide a series of offerings aimed at:
  • Understanding how leaders can improve results through effective leadership
  • Fostering learning agility across organizations
  • Introducing key concepts around racial equity, anti-racism, and the historical experiences of people of color in the U.S.
  • Providing opportunities for peer learning and coaching to implement racial equity principles within organizational culture and operations
Workshops are open to board and staff of CMF grantee partner organizations; up to two people per organization may attend.

Gatherings will consist of a lightly structured discussion group for grantee organizations. Attendees will learn the constructivist listening framework; brainstorm next steps with peers in their individual racial equity journeys; and discuss barriers to the application of racial equity principles.

Schedule: The second Tuesday of each month from 10:00– 11:00 AM, through December 2023. (Circles will not meet in July or August.)


Thursday, February 9, 2023  |  10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Thursday, September 21, 2023  | 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
This webinar introduces key concepts around racial equity, anti-racism, and the historical experiences of people of color in the US. The goal is to be more aware of why racism exists, how racial equity is both a process and an outcome, and to explore how our personal experiences influence how we show up with our colleagues and partners. It will be facilitated by Janine Hill of Soar Strategies, and will be conducted via Zoom. The workshop is an abridged version of the Race/Equity Part 1 and Part 2 sessions held in 2021/2022, and is intended for individuals who did not attend those sessions.

Reference Materials

Organizational Racial Equity Assessment Tool
Racial Equity Assessment Q&As
Racial Equity Part 1 | Pre-Video
Racial Equity Part 2| Pre-Video


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